"Dimensions (Cm): 37X27X1,8
Durable And Rough Structure.
Easy To Use.
Drain-Free Structure.

Why Bamboo?
The World'S Fastest Growing Plant, Bamboo, A Plant İn Addition To Being Environmentally İs Also Friendly, Functional, Aesthetic And Extremely Durable.Bamboo İs 2-3 Times More Durable Than All Other Types Of Wood.While A Bamboo Sapling  Can Reach İts Full Maturity Within 5 Years , However Oak Can Reach That Level İn 50 Years.Bamboo İn Addition To Being Strong And Durable Than Oak, İs Also Long-Lasting, Lightweight, Ecological And Healthy.

As A Result Of İts Antibacterial Structure, You May Feel İts Healthy While Using Bamboo-Made Products İn Your Kitchen.

Bamboo ,With The Natural Alignment Of İtself, Brings İn Warmth And Richness To The Environment.You Will Feel Better And More Healthy With Hygienic Structure Of Bamboo.

Why Eco?

The Balance Between Oxygen And Carbon Dioxide İs Very İmportant For Our Atmosphere.Bamboo, Cause Of İts Eco-Friendly Resource , İmpacts İn A Possitive Manner To Our World By Reducing Carbon Emissions And Global Warming.When A Matured-Bamboo Plant Produces %35 More Oxygen And Absorbs 4 Times More Carbon Compared To Other Plants Of Similar Size.Furthermore, The Bamboo Plant Has No Negative Effects To The Enviroment While Harvesting And Re-Growing Process.Also Bamboo İs A Plant Which Grows And Develops Very Quickly, Providing The Best Solutions To Desertification And A Lack Of Green.

In Addition, The Blades Are Made ​​Of Bamboo Compared To  Steel-Made Blades, Are Produced Less Carbon.For Example, The Production Of One Ton Bamboo Knife İs Uncovered 182 Kg Of Carbon Dioxide, While 2100 Kg Of Carbon Dioxide İs Released İn The Production Of One Ton Of Steel."

Bambum Doppio Steak Cutting Board